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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What can I expect from the Jazz Garden?

    • Live performances with various musicians and performers every Friday night.

    • A variety of food and beverage offerings.

    • Occasional breaks for launching new concepts or unforeseen circumstances.

  2. What are the opening hours and last call time?

    • Doors open at 8:30 pm.

    • Live music starts at 10:30 pm.

    • Last call is at 1:00 am.

  3. Where is the Jazz Garden located?

    • The Jazz Garden is located at The Arena @ Phileas Fogg, Montgomerie Golf Club, Emirates Hills, Dubai.

  4. Is there air conditioning at the venue?

    • Yes, the venue is air-conditioned.

  5. Is the Jazz Garden an outdoor or indoor venue?

    • The Jazz Garden is an indoor venue.

  6. Can children and adults of determination participate in the event?

    • No, the event is not open to children or adults of determination.

  7. Will there be strobe lights during performances?

    • Strobe lights are generally not used, but some performances may include them.

  8. Will food and beverage be available for purchase?

    • Yes, there will be food and beverage options available for purchase on-site.

  9. Can I take photos or record the experience?

    • Yes, you are allowed to take photos and record the experience.

  10. Are there chairs available? Can I be seated during the experience?

    • Yes, everyone gets a seat when booking online, but purchasing tickets may not include a seating arrangement.

  11. Will restrooms be available on site?

    • Yes, there will be restrooms available at the venue.

  12. Are there vegan or gluten-free options available?

    • Usually, there are vegan and gluten-free options available, but it's recommended to check with the food vendors on-site.

  13. Do I need to arrive at the start of my scheduled session?

    • It's not essential, but arriving on time is recommended to make the most out of the experience.

  14. What happens if I arrive late?

    • If you arrive after 9:30 pm, you may lose the space that you booked, and entry will be allowed only if capacity allows.

  15. Can I bring animals?

    • Unfortunately, no animals are allowed at the event.

  16. Are service dogs allowed?

    • Yes, service dogs are allowed with proper certification.

  17. Is there an age requirement?

    • Yes, the minimum age to enter is 21. Guests must be 21+ with a valid ID to consume alcohol.

  18. Is the venue accessible to wheelchairs?

    • Yes, the venue is wheelchair accessible.

  19. What happens if the weather is bad?

    • The show will go on rain or shine unless the authorities request a cancellation, in which case a refund will be provided.

  20. What items are prohibited at the experience?

    • Firearms, guns, drugs, and all sorts of flags are prohibited.

  21. Are wheelchairs available to rent?

    • No, wheelchairs are not available for rent at the venue.

  22. Can I purchase a ticket at the event?

    • Yes, if the capacity allows, tickets can be purchased at the event.

  23. Are refunds allowed? Can I reschedule my tickets or upgrade/downgrade them?

    • All tickets are non-refundable. In special circumstances, ticket rescheduling may be possible if the desired session is not sold out. Please contact us for more information, including your ticket order number.

  24. Is there a Military discount?

    • No, there is no Military discount available.

  25. Is there any general discount available?

    • The promoter reserves the right to offer special discounts from time to time. Please check for any current offers.

  26. Do I need to print my ticket?

    • No, your contactless tickets can be validated directly from your smartphone. Please have your ticket ready for validation.

  27. Can I transfer my tickets to another person?

    • Yes, you can transfer your tickets to another person.

  28. Can I make a Group Booking?

    • Yes, Group Bookings are allowed.

  29. I can't find my ticket. What should I do?

    • Please contact us for assistance with locating your ticket.

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